“Virallypositive” is a blog where positive stories and editorials of success are posted. The idea of the blog was derived from a marketing technique called “viral marketing”, which uses pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral process, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses.

I have always believed that feelings are contagious. Negative feelings are stronger than positive ones. This is a truth that can be felt in our everyday life. Last week I was at the gym at 7.00 am. I was very invigorated and active, I felt like a butterfly on the pull-up bar until a young guy started yawning. At that moment my arms were unable even to hold my weight, I felt so sleepy and for a second all the pictures of a worm bed in a dark room were rushing in front of me. He killed my energy. Anna Gibbs says: “Bodies can catch feelings as easily as catch fire: affect leaps from one body to another, evoking tenderness, inciting shame, igniting rage, exciting fear – in short, communicable affect can inflame nerves and muscles in a conflagration of every conceivable kind of passion”.

This blog will try to virally spread positive feelings through readings about successful people who could reach their dreams, some shared ideas on how to improve our lives, tricks on how to protect yourself with a positive aura. All “positive” comments, stories and editorials are welcome. Let’s walk together towards success, let’s extract positivity from our surroundings, let’s follow the footsteps of those who made it.

Together we can get there.

Mohanned Qassar